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Product Description

  • Officially Licensed TRUETIMBER® Brand Materials
  • Heavy Duty Abrasion-Resistant Canvas for Extra Longevity
  • High-Density Foam Backing for Increased Comfort and Appearance
  • Advanced Water Repellent Coatings and Fade-Resistant Treatments
  • Neutral Material Temperature for Year-Round Comfort in Hot or Cold Weather
  • SRS Airbag Safety-Thread™ for Seat Airbag Accommodations
  • TensionLock™ Buckles and 550 Paracord Seat-Cinch™ for Secure, Long Lasting Fit
  • OEM-Matching Design for Complete Upholstery Coverage
  • Complete Set. Including all applicable Pockets, Headrest Covers, Middle Seat and Console Cover(s)
  • 100% Ready to Install. Professional installation is NOT required
  • Easy to Spot-Clean, Can be Machine-Washed as needed



You'll be completely free to roam the earth and haul all of your stuff without the stress of messing up your seats. And you'll look good doing it. TRUETIMBER® has become the best selling camouflage brand in the world by utilizing high fidelity digital photography to create the industry's most realistic and versatile camouflage patterns.


This ain’t your Grandpa's seat cover. At VERTEX we accept the challenge of making seat covers that don’t look baggy or slide-around like most stereotypical seat covers. VERTEX makes seat covers that match your OEM seat design, which provides a fit that will keep your covers in place for as long as you own them. We’ve taken into account each individual piece of upholstery and how it will install and function for the life of your seat covers, without sacrificing the look or comfort of your interior.


We specialize in making seat covers for Trucks and Jeeps only which allows us to deliver the most well-engineered and attractive seat covers on the market for truck owners and enthusiasts. Using CAD/CAM software we carefully re-create an EXACT replica of each truck’s factory interior when it first becomes available. VERTEX then creates tailor-made seat covers that install over your existing upholstery, without the need for removing the original material. It's all the details we cover and the passion for quality that make the difference. If we wouldn't install it in our own truck - we won't install it in yours.


We know you take your vehicles and your adventures seriously, so we've combined Hardcore 1000D Canvas material, automotive foam padding, water resistant treatments, and the most attractive camouflage patterns to ensure that you confidently enjoy the trail ahead.


Whether you’re day-dreaming of hunting or actually on the trail, VERTEX TRUETIMBER® Seat Covers provide you with the best protection available all-year-round. With solid construction and the #1 camo patterns in the world, you can be sure your next trip will be stress free.

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