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How Long Does It Take My Order To Ship?

Most orders will ship in about 10-15 business days. However, when products are in high demand it can take up to 3-4 weeks for your order to be manufactured and delivered. You will receive a UPS tracking number and email confirmation when the order is complete. 

Are Armrests, Console Covers, Headrests, And Map Pockets Included With VERTEX OFF-ROAD™ Seat Covers?

Yes! You will receive a cover for each individual part of your seats. Center consoles in 40-20-40 split bench seat and 50-50 bucket seat configurations are covered. Map pockets are added to the back side of ALL front seat covers - even if the OEM's don't include them. Headrests, Armrests, and any other upholstery on your seat will be covered and included in your order.

Do I Need To Remove My Seats from the vehicle To Install My Seat Covers?

No. The new seat covers can be installed directly over the top of your existing seats right inside of the vehicle. Front seats should never need to be removed. Depending on the vehicle, some find it easier to remove the rear bench seat either partially or completely - but it is not required.  If you decide to remove the rear bench in your vehicle either partially or entirely you can reach out to customer support for additional guidance, as needed. 

Do I Need To Remove the Original Upholstery From My Seats Before I Install My new Seat Covers?

No, you should not remove your original upholstery. We design your seat covers to look-like and fit-like your original seats but they are not made to replace them. These seat covers are designed to slide-over-the-top of your original seats to serve as an upgrade and protection for your original interior. 

Will my seat heaters still work after I install VERTEX OFF-ROAD™ seat covers?

Yes - your seat heaters will work! We do use premium materials to make your seat covers which means they are thick and do have a foam backing adding even more volume. However, your seat heaters will still function properly. It may take a bit longer for them to heat-up, but they will heat both your seat and your seat covers like normal.

What about seats with A/C?

Your air conditioned seats will not be as effective with seat covers. If you intend to install seat covers over-the-top of your A/C seats we can offer perforated leather inserts in your seat covers for an upcharge of $99. Otherwise, we suggest using the CORDURA canvas seat covers as they provide the best air-flow for your air conditioned seat. 

Can I Install Seat Covers Over Seats With Side Airbags?

Yes. We use a lightweight thread on the seams that align with the airbag inside the seats to provide less resistance should the airbag need to deploy.

Do You Leave Access To Child Seat Latches For Rear Seats?

Yes. Every seat cover we make has access to ensure that a child car seat can be safely and securely fastened in the rear seat.